Initiatives and law/policy framework regarding green sectors for Republic of Bulgaria

A main principle of the Constitution of Bulgaria is that the state has to ensure the protection and sustainability of the environment, the maintenance and diversity of wildlife and the rational utilisation of the natural wealth and resources of the country. This principle is further developed and implemented in sector-specific legislation through different acts and regulations.
The main environmental legislation in Bulgaria is the Environment Protection Act as of 2002 (EPA), which sets up the basic principles of the environmental law, such as: health protection; prevention of pollution; and conservation of biological diversity.
The following acts are part of the primarily environmental legislation of Bulgaria: the Biological Diversity Act; the Plant Protection Act; the Soils Act; the Waters Act; the Clean Ambient Air Act; the Liability for Prevention and Remedying of Environmental Damage Act; the Protected Areas Act; the Underground Resources Act; the Carbon Capture and Storage Act; the Waste Management Act; the newly adopted Climate Change Mitigation Act; and others.