Initiatives and law/policy framework regarding green sectors in the Republic of Macedonia

One of the fundamental value of the constitutional order in Macedonia is: proper urban and rural planning to promote a congenial human environment, as well as ecological protection and development.  Macedonian constitution provides (articles 8 and 43) that all the natural resources, the flora and fauna, amenities in common use, as well as the objects and buildings of particular cultural and historical value determined by law, are amenities of common interest for the Republic and enjoy particular protection. Amendment XVII of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia specifies “in units of local self-government, citizens participate directly and through representatives in decision-making on issues of local relevance particularly in the fields of public services, urban and rural planning, and environmental protection.”

In 2008 a National Strategy for Environmental Approximation, as a basic planning document, which should present the optimal route for the approximation process which covers the EU acquis communautaire was adopted . 

The main goal of the National Strategy for Environmental Approximation (NSEA) is to recommend the most appropriate and suitable approach for the Government of the Republic of Macedonia to response to the complex obligations of the EU environmental acquis and at the same time contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

The NPAA is a powerful instrument for monitoring the whole association process, to be used by the Government as well as by the European Commission. It helps to answer questions posed by the Commission based on which, the Commission prepares annual progress reports. Chapter 27 of the NPAA addresses the achievements and the remaining obligations in the field of environment . In that direction government have adopted several important policy strategic documents in various environmental sectors, including:

  • National Environmental Action Plan 2006;
  • Plan for Institutional Development of National and Local Environmental Management
  • Capacity 2009-2014;
  • National Strategy for Environmental Approximation;
  • National Strategy for Sustainable Development 2010-2030;
  • Second and Third National Communication on Climate Change;
  • National Strategy for Health Sector Adaptation to Climate Change
  • National Strategy for Waste Management 2008-2020;
  • National Waste Management Plan 2009 – 2015;
  • National Set of Environmental Indicators;
  • Strategy for Energy Development until 2030
  • Strategy on Improvement of Energy Efficiency of the former Yugoslav Republic of
  • Macedonia until 2020;
  • Strategy for Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources of the former Yugoslav Republic
  • of Macedonia until 2020;
  • First Energy Efficiency Action Plan of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia until 2018
  • Program for implementation of the Strategy for Energy Development in the former
  • Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2013 -2017;
  • Strategic Plan for MoEPP 2011- 2013;
  • Strategy for Development and Promotion of Hydro meteorological Service 2009-2011;
  • National Plan for Ambient Air Protection, 2013 – 2018;
  • National Program for Gradual Reduction of Quantities of Emissions of Certain Pollutants
  • at the Level of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 2012 – 2020;
  • Data Management Strategy adopted by the Government in 2006.