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Training of the potential waste collectors in Macedonia provided with Personal protective on 07.10.2015

In order to secure placements in existing or newly established jobs of 350 individual waste collectors were trained on plastic waste sorting and collection; job safety and protection. 

The equipment was provided to the waste collectors.

Two (2) days training for trainers in Macedonia, three (3) teams from Macedonia, Slovenia and Bulgaria, were trained for capacity building of Green Business Incubators in Skopje was held on 02 and 03.11.2015.

The major point of training was to training of potential beneficiaries/entrepreneurs from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia (retrained and gained green skills) to start business related to waste collection and recycling. The idea is this knowledge transfer to be done by Roma people, experienced and successful in this field. The profile of the members of the Support team (Terms of References) were defined by the experts and the municipality (i.e. Steering committee group consists by project’s partners) and the Support team were established.

There were present 26 participants (19 male participant and 7 female participants) in total.

Two (2) day training for advocacy and self-advocacy of the rights of waste collection and recycling for participants from Croatia, Bulgaria and Slovenia was held on 07 and 08.11.2015 in Skopje, Macedonia.

The major point of training for advocacy and self-advocacy was for the rights of people which profession is waste collection and recycling as a branch trough trade union of waste collectors (will be present representatives from all 3 partners’ countries). From each of the trainings was chosen representatives from the participants themselves and were trained to become aware about their labour rights and trade unions movements. 25 participants (17 male participants and 8 female participants) were trained for two days by two (2) international trainers.

Third Steering Committee Meeting were organized in Skopje, Macedonia on 28th of March 2015 with participation of project partners and guests from Municipality of Shuto Orizari. 

Partners have shared their experience in implementation of the project and progress reports.  They have also discussed the  detailed plan for the next  months and steps that need to be taken for successful implementation of the next activities.


Second Steering Committee Meeting were organized during Initial Conference ROMA AS LEADERS‐ „Work locally develops globally – but green! “In Prague, Czech Republic on 19th of March 2015. 

The main objective on this meeting was presentation of legal environment of doing green business in the region (Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovenia) and possible amendments towards its improvement. All participants share their experiences of best practice of existing green business in their own country, the promising green business and the needs/preconditions for startup.


First (1) Steering Committee Meeting were organized in Skopje, Macedonia on 19th of January 2015. 

There was 12 participants present – project partners from  region (Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovenia). The main objective on this meeting was introducing of the project “Work locally develops globally –but green!”, detailed work plan and timetable for the activities, Involvement of partners and their obigations, encountered shortcommings during project implementation.

Definitions, - entrepreneurship, - green businesses, - social entrepreneurship

Initial Regional conference ROMA AS LEADERS “Social entrepreneurship for waste management contributes to economic growth and improves the local economies” was organized on 19th March 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic

This conference was organized as a launching event of the project