Initial Regional conference ROMA AS LEADERS

Initial Regional conference ROMA AS LEADERS “Social entrepreneurship for waste management contributes to economic growth and improves the local economies” was organized on 19th March 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic

This conference was organized as a launching event of the project

Work locally develops globally –but green! In a frame of this conference there were 94 participants for Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Czech Republic. 

After official presentation of the project by the leading partner,  Mr.Redzepi, the formal representative of Open Society Foundation (OSF) and also one of the greatest supporters of Roma community has introduced aims of OSF, their historical development and project in which they were involved.

Partners in the project had their presentations to the plenary as introduction to the workshops  as follow: Self-enterpreneurship of Roma in Slovenia (Mr. Harris Tahirovic), Experience with green bussiness in Shuto Orizari (Mr. Zoran Dimov), Bulgarian experience with green bussiness (Zlatko Mladenovic). 

Participants was  divided into three (3) working groups for the parallel workshops:

  1. Workshop 1 – Legal environment of doing green business in the region (focus countries Macedonia, CZ, Bulgaria, Slovenia) and possible amendments towards its improvement
  2. Workshop 2 – Existing green businesses in the region (focus countries Macedonia, CZ, Bulgaria, Slovenia) and their success
  3. Workshop 3 – Possible green businesses – the promising green businesses and the needs/preconditions for startup

Presentation from the workshops was at plenary that was also official closing of the conference. 


Conference Agenda (pdf)